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"I felt the pacing was quite good, hitting the right beats of beauty, humor, and heartfelt moments. The device of following Jerry during his last year toward retirement is very effective, providing the much needed arc."

"This was a great inspiration to see how one man has made the difference in so many life's and that these life's have spread far and wide."

"Fantastic film - flows very well, and is a joy to watch. Wonderful blend of a great tribute to Dr Blackstone and the wonder of choral music."

"Stunning, Brian!! You do an amazing job of capturing how special Jerry is, the music he makes, and the special musical bond that Scott and Jerry have had for decades."

"The film really captures so well, the essence of Jerry as a person, teacher, mentor, conductor and connector. I was also inspired, as a choral conductor, by the way he not only shares his passion for the music/text but also how he captures the imaginations of the singers - regardless of age/ability level - and so quickly has each one of them living the music! Magical! He provides such a wonderful example for choral conductors. This is one of the populations who would benefit greatly from this film."

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